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Virtual Adoptions Program

The Carolina Boarders Virtual Adoption Program was developed for any animal at the farm. This program helps support the feeding, housing and care of unwanted, abused and neglected animals.

The Virtual Adoption of a designated animal is a suggested donation of $100 per month. This gives general visitation rights of the sponsored animal and, the possible opportunity to work along with the sponsored animal as it recuperates. You must have the permission of the Executive Director each and every time you work with your sponsored animal.

If a designated, sponsored animal goes up for adoption, a designated sponsor, if having proper means of care and shelter and has made a considerable effort in the relationship with their sponsored animal, has the first opportunity to adopt the sponsored animal.

A general Virtual Adoption can be made in a one-time amount, or on a monthly basis. It can be designated for all or any animals that may be at Carolina Boarders. 100% of the Virtual Adoption money goes for the food, general care, veterinarian bills, medicine, shelter, fencing or other maintenance that may be needed for the animals of Carolina Boarders, or the specified, designated animal. Many monthly sponsors also pay for farrier, dental and veterinary care for their sponsored animal, and that is greatly appreciated.

Other Virtual Sponsorship opportunities exist at Carolina Boarders.

  • Sponsor a stall - $600 per year.

  • Playground - $200 per year.

  • Corral - $500 per year.

  • Round Pen - $300 per year.

  • Large Riding Ring - $400 per year.

  • Sponsor Building or Indoor Rehabilitation Ring - $1,000 per year.

  • Sponsor a fence post - $20 per year

Any donation of any amount is always appreciated. All sponsors must sign Carolina Boarders waivers if they are going to visit and spend any time at any of the Carolina Boarders properties and buildings of the farm.

Attention: All visitors assume the risk of any injury, harm, damage, or death and any legal responsibility that may occur to participant resulting from inherent risks associated with farm activities. Carolina Boarders is not liable for damages resulting from the inherent risks of farm activities.

All sponsors, their visitors and families agree Carolina Boarders animals, owners, employee or board of directors are not liable for any injury, harm, damage, or death, or any legal responsibility that may occur while on the premises and/or during the use of our facilities. Working with, or activities with animals may be dangerous. Play grounds, Carolina Boarders trails, riding rings, and specified facilities and buildings are available for some designated sponsors use with the understanding and agreement that participants assume the risk of any injury, harm, damage or death and any legal responsibility that may occur to participants.

Sponsors and all visitors of Carolina Boarders are expected to treat all animals, other people and the property humanely, and with care and respect. Anyone doing otherwise will be told to leave the premises and lose all Virtual Adoption rights, with no refunds. Animal neglect or abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited.

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