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Carolina Boarders is a nonprofit livestock/farm animal rescue located in Jasper County, South Carolina, along the Georgia border. Our focus is the welfare of large farm animals such as equine, cows, livestock, and other farm animals. These are animals that our County Animal Shelter does not accept to care for, or house.


Jasper County, SC has a dedicated Animal Control Officer that is employed through the Sheriff’s Office. The County does not provide a facility or other location for the housing of large animals that are lawfully seized for neglect or abuse. The Animal Control Officer relies on the generosity of local landowners/farmers to take these animals in and provide care for them at their own expense. This includes basic food, water, and shelter daily as well as advanced veterinary care as needed. These sick, injured, or neglected animals need to be isolated from healthy herds and nursed back to health.


Carolina Boarders has partnered with a local landowner who is providing more than 12 acres of land dedicated to the health and welfare of neglected and abused farm animals. This property is located in Tillman, South Carolina and is not part of a working ranch/farm and therefore does not pose a risk to healthy herds. The sole purpose of this property is the rehabilitation and re-homing of these animals. As such, larger pastures are not needed because this will not be a sanctuary or other commercial operation.

Carolina Boarders is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


All donations are tax deductible.


Our "Herd"

While we live next to the farm, we have our own "herd" to tend to as well as the Carolina Boarders rescue animals!

Farm animal rescue
Farm animal rescue
To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home livestock and farm animals.


To provide safe and healthy living conditions for abused and neglected livestock while bringing them back to health and move them to their forever pastures.

Our Motivation

A cow was seized by Animal Control due to neglect.


She was initially placed on a private farm who could not care for her. She was then placed with another private landowner who is selflessly taking care of her. This landowner did not receive any assistance for her rehabilitation.


This is unfair to the animal and the landowner. Carolina Boarders was established to provide an appropriate location for these animals to be taken when they are found. Carolina Boarders will support and any other farm animal that is placed with a private landowner in Jasper County.

Carolina Boarders is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


All donations are tax deductible.



Due to Covid-19 concerns, there are no events scheduled.


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